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 Really Rural is based  in Lancashire. We offer a wide range of furniture that is both decorative and practical, drawing inspiration from our surroundings and borrowing simplicity and functionality from Shaker-style furniture and the French rustic style.

A large proportion of the work is carried out by hand to produce unique, natural-looking pieces of the highest standard.
The items shown on this site have proved consistently popular at Country Living Magazine Fairs and Shops through out the  Country.
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                                 Peg Rails & Peg Shelves

                              Plate Racks
                               Tidy Boxes

                                 Wall Shelves
                                       Garden Trugs

                                Wall Locker Shelf Rack
                                 Key Boards & Key Cupboards

                                   Egg Larder
                                             Roller Towel Rails

                                          Coat and Hat Racks
                                          Step Boxes

                                           Parish & Family Notice Boards
                                          Boot Racks

                                  Fleet of Drawers
                                    The Wall Post Pigeon Holes

                                            The Morning Post Pigeon Holes

                                          Book Case

                                    Shaker `Sunburst` Cupboard   

                                 Wine Cupboard


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